Beer Profile: Armed’N Citra by Rainhard Brewing Co.

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ABV 5.2% IBU 45

Armed’N Citra is here to cure what ails you. This American pale ale is something you need to consider adding to your regular lineup. Armed’N Citra is not just a beer for the craft beer connoisseur. It’s a beer you can use to introduce others to the craft beer world and demonstrate how much better the beer is.

Armed’N Citra is a pale straw colour with great clarity and medium carbonation. The head is white and foamy. The aroma is of apricots and peaches and is really inviting. The taste is of fresh fruit with a rounded bitter finish. There is a juiciness to this beer.

This beer demonstrates why the popularity of the Citra hop has exploded. Citra is being used mostly in IPA’s and APA’s and is known to impart is citrus fruit flavour to add a fresh note to the beer, especially when dry hopped.

Armed’N Citra is a crowd pleasing beer. It’s something that can appeal to a large swath of palates because it’s flavour is fresh and tasty.

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