Banger Brew by Henderson Brewing Co.

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Get out your hairspray, denim jacket, and fireworks because glam rock is back, and in beer form! This week’s entry into the beer profile is Banger Brew Cream Ale by Henderson Brewing Co. No brewery themes their beer better than Henderson Brewing Co. Banger Brew is the August “Ides” series entry and doesn’t disappoint.

As I sat down to write-up this blog I turned on the Mötley Crüe and cranked the volume. After I was done shouting at the devil and smoking in the boys room I realized I hadn’t written anything. I needed to kickstart my heart and get some work done! Pardon the terrible puns. Mötley Crüe is my go-to Glam Rock band, if you hadn’t noticed.


Banger Brew Cream Ale is a clear golden colour with a white top. The aroma doesn’t reveal much. The flavour is clean and balanced. Most importantly, it’s not too sweet. It’s a very well executed cream ale. Often I find cream ales to be too sweet or corn flavoured. Banger Brew has the balance just right.

Cream Ale popularity has faded in recent years. It seems that it used to be a North American beer staple but was largely ignored by most craft breweries. I think you should turn on your favourite glam rock album, pour yourself some Banger Brew, and enjoy!

Check out what Henderson Brewing Co is up to here or better yet, book a West End Brewery Crawl with Backyard Beer Tours and visit them in person! More info here.