Craft Beer and Food Pairings for the Summer

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Summer is around the corner and the season of socializing in backyards and parks is nearly upon us. It’s easy to pick up a two-four of some bland, corporate beer. It’s better to pick up some local craft beer that will enhance the flavours of the meal you’re preparing.

Minimal Effort & Great Results

Hosting a gathering or party always goes more smoothly if you make a game plan, and execute it to perfection. Below are 3 common meals prepared for summertime parties and some Toronto craft beer pairing suggestions from local craft breweries.

Fish Tacos and IPAsHalo Brewery

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like a well executed fish taco. It’s crispy, tangy, and spicy goodness is one of my all time favourites. IPAs pair well with spicy food because they can usually both have big and bold flavours. A more subtle beer might be overpowered. I suggest Half-Truth by Halo Brewery. It’s a refreshing Session IPA  that will allow you to have a few without being too drunk to walk home.

Burgers and Bitters

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Whether you are grilling up sirloin burgers, or portobello mushrooms the hearty and smoky goodness between some buns with cheese and fixings’ is hard to beat. English Bitters pair nicely with burgers because the subtle malt and hop flavours match the smoky bbq flavour well. I suggest a Henderson’s Best by Henderson Brewing Co.

Salads aJunction Craft Brewingnd Ales

Working on your beach body or eating light? Pair your salad with a Kolsh! The lagered ale style pairs with fresh summer salads well because its highly carbonated and crisp. I suggest Tracklayers Kolsh by Junction Craft Brewery.

Don’t forget to book your next brewery crawl for a special summer event here.