Rainhard Brewing - Hop Cone Syndrome

Beer Profile: Hop Cone Syndrome by Rainhard Brewing Co.

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Rainhard Brewing - Hop Cone SyndromeABV 8.5% IBU 100

Today’s profile beer is a big one so I hope you are sitting down. Hop Cone Syndrome is a double IPA (IIPA) crafted by Rainhard Brewing Co. What makes it a double IPA? The higher alcohol content and super high bitterness (both about double a typical IPA in this case).

The IIPA is a tricky number to get right. The higher alcohol content means the mouthfeel of the beer will be more full bodied than expected. Also, getting the bitterness right is a delicate balance. Rainhard Brewing Co has done an excellent job on both fronts.

The appearance is gold with a slight haze and medium carbonation and a white cap. The aroma is of strong citrus. It hits you from a few feet away. The taste is of citrus, possibly orange, with a thick mouthfeel – almost stout like. The finish is a smooth and lingering bitterness that doesn’t fade. There seems to be a kick of heat, though I suspect its from the alcohol as there’s no spice flavours.

I admit that I usually steer clear of high ABV beers because I find many to be too harsh. Hop Cone Syndrome bucks that trend and my first one won’t be my last!

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