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Beer Profile: Vienna Looping by Junction Craft Brewery

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ABV 5.2% IBU 40

It’s often said that the pilsner is the most popular style of beer to drink in the world. It could be so because it’s crisp and smooth taste with bitter finish is satisfying to a wide array of palates. Today, the pilsner is associated with the Czech Republic but the roots can be traced to the German city of Plzen and through Austria as well.

Vienna Looping is an amber pils, meaning the appearance has an amber hue instead of the traditional pale straw colour. There’s an ample foamy white top and carbonation. The aroma can best described as “general beer smell”, which is to say there’s not much distinct about the aroma. The taste is a slight bread-like sweetness and a balanced and rounded bitter finish.

I’m not sure why this beer is named Vienna Looping. A quick google search revealed that the “Olympia Looping” Rollercoaster in world-renowned and located in Vienna so the name is like a tip of the cap there. I suspect Vienna malt is prominent in the grain bill used.

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