Blacklist by The Napanee Beer Company

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ABV 5.3% IBU23

This week’s beer profile comes to us from Napanee, ON – home of Avril Lavigne – though we won’t hold that against the brewery. Blacklist by The Napanee Beer Company is a Black German Lager. It’s described by the brewery as smooth, rich, light and refreshing.

The Napanee Beer Company has won some big awards and was ‘New Brewery of the Year’ in 2017. This is no small feat given the number of brewery startups in 2017. Their core beers are German and Belgian in style. In addition to the Blacklist, they have a Belgian Pale Ale, a Belgian IPA, and a Premium Lager.

Rich and Smooth Indeed

Blacklist is a dark and opaque brown colour with medium carbonation and vanishing white frothy top. There isn’t much of an aroma – true to style for lagers. The flavour is malt forward with the dominant flavour being roasted malt. There is a subtle hint of chocolate. The mouthfeel is a bit heavier than you might expect from a lager but not as rich as a stout. Overall, Blacklist is a tasty beer.

Blacklist is a good beer for the craft beer novice and enthusiast alike. It’s interesting and complex enough for the demanding enthusiast but also approachable to the novice because its not a barrel aged hop bomb fermented with Brett. This beer is worth a try if you find yourself in Napanee. Fortunately, I found this one in the LCBO near High Park in Toronto.

Check out what’s happening with The Napanee Beer Company by visiting their site here.

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