Cask Days 2016

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The Details

Cask Days is an annual event taking place on a weekend in late October. It’ put on by Bar Volo and features Beers and Ciders from throughout Canada and the US. This year there were over 440 casks of different beers and ciders to try. Many of the craft breweries brew special and unique beers specifically for this event.

What is Cask Beer?

Cask beer is different to draught beer. Cask beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised. It undergoes a second fermentation in the cask and so is naturally carbonated. This process is called cask conditioning. In the UK, cask or bottle conditioned ale is called real ale.

My “Research”

I take my role seriously here at Backyard Beer Tours and as such I felt compelled to do some in depth research about Cask Days. This involved sampling several beers and taking some notes. Here’s a list of some of the beers I sampled.

  • Market Garden (American IPA) - Collingwood Brewery
  • Earl Grey Porter (Tea Infused Porter) - Royal City
  • Stoked and Smoked (English Mild) - Junction Craft Brewery
  • Strawberry Wine MCV Basilic (Barleywine with Strawberries) - Hopera
  • Stone IPA (West Coast IPA) - Stone Brewing Co
  • Elder God (Malt Cider with Elderberry & Elderflower) - Halo


In conclusion, Cask Days is fun filled event for craft beer lovers. This is a very different event from Beer Fest. This event is more about appreciation of the craft beer scene than a big piss up. I look forward to Cask Days 2017!