Chinook of the North by People’s Pint

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ABV 4.7% IBU?

Today’s beer profile comes to us from Toronto’s favourite new brewery, People’s Pint. Chinook of the North is one of the core beers for People’s Pint. It’s a pale ale featuring the Chinook hop. I picked up this beauty at the brewery.

People’s Pint is brewing by a motto, “Beer for the people, by the people”. The brewery is dedicated to providing a place for professional and amateur brewers alike to show what they can do. Homebrewers have a distinct advantage over professionals – they brew in small batches and can take big risks. People’s Pint is rewarding risk-taking homebrewers by showcasing some of their beers on tap at the brewery. I can say it’s definitely worth checking out some of these truly unique beers.

All Day Pale Ale

Chinook of the North is a beautiful golden colour with a white foamy top. It had a bit of a haze initially, but cleared up as it warmed up. The aroma is a strong pine and citrus,  and very inviting. The flavour is a great balance of hops and malt. The pine and citrus flavours really come through strongly. The finish is a smooth bitterness and is perfect. Chinook of the North is an excellent Pale Ale.

I’ve become somewhat of a champion for Pale Ale’s this month. It seems every beer I purchased in April was a pale ale. It wasn’t a conscious choice but in the end I was better equipped to evaluate them. Chinook of the North stands tall in the category against some tried and tested competition.

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