Doc Perdue’s Bobcat by Cowbell Brewing Co

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ABV 5.5% IBU 30

Doc Perdue’s Bobcat by Cowbell Brewing Co is today’s feature in the beer profile. Doc Perdue’s is a West Coast Red Ale with a strong hop presence. Cowbell Brewing Co is located in Blyth, ON. Absent Landlord, a Kolsch, was previously featured in the beer profile.

Cowbell Brewing choose some interesting and locally inspired names for their beers. Although this may be strange because Blyth, ON isn’t a bustling metropolis so most revellers won’t be in on the jokes. Luckily for us, they have a brief on the side of the can which explains the mystery behind Doc Perdue’s Bobcat.

The Legendary Doc Perdue

The story behind the beer in this case is one of a veterinarian who loved both exotic animals and the drink. After being refused a drink at a local establishment, he returned with a leased bobcat and demanded the situation be remedied. It seems that small towns attract these types of characters.

Get to the Beer!

Doc Perdue’s Bobcat is a West Coast Red Ale. It’s a gorgeous red colour with a foamy white top and medium carbonation. The aroma is of subtle pine and citrus, typical of a West Coast Ale of any colour. The flavour is hop forward as well with tropical fruit and a firm bitterness present. The finish is a lingering but pleasant bitterness that invites you for another swig.

Doc Perdue’s Bobcat is one tasty beast. I admit that I was expecting an Irish Red Ale when I picked it up at my local LCBO. In any case, I was happy I picked this up and sad that I didn’t get more. I suppose that sums up what I thought of it.

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