Essex Ale by Junction Craft Brewing

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ABV 4.4% IBU 30

Today’s entry in the beer profile is Essex Ale by Junction Craft Brewing in the #Aleyards. Essex Ale is part of the British Rail Series which is a collection of classic British beer styles brewed with a focus on simplicity and balance. This particular beer is also barrel aged.

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In case you didn’t know, Junction Craft Brewing recently moved to the old Destructor building at 150 Symes Rd. Junction, in addition to Rainhard and Shacklands comprise the Aleyards. It’s located in an area of town once known for meat processing and slaughter houses.

The Destructor building used to house a great big incinerator but now it houses a great big brew house. The building is huge, and beautiful, and has tons of tasty beer. It’s very impressive.

Essex Ale is a light brown colour with a touch of red. The carbonation is low and there is a shy foamy top. There is a slight caramel aroma along with a woody note. The flavour is smooth and malty, a classic profile for a best bitter. There is an oak flavour present as well. The finish is a strong bitterness.

I’m a huge fan of British style beers. There aren’t very many craft breweries that focus on the subtle, yet complex flavours present when using fruity English yeast and noble hops. Junction Craft Brewing is one brewery that consistently pumps out tasty British style beers any local English pub would be proud to serve.

Essex Ale is a fine example of just how delicious a malt forward beer can be, though I prefer the version that wasn’t barrel aged.

The best way to visit the new Junction Craft Brewing building is on your next Backyard Beer Tour West End Brewery Tour! Click here for more information and request to visit the #Aleyards.