Festive Pudding Ale by Greene King

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ABV 6% IBU 32


The holiday season is upon us again and I’m feeling festive. The occasion calls for a pint of a festive ale from a land afar. Festive Pudding Ale by Greene King is the feature of this week’s beer profile. Greene King is a brewery and pub retailer in the UK with over 3000 pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

I am fortunate to spend a month or two in the UK each year. Of the many things I enjoy about the UK, the pub and pints are near the top. Nothing beats a pint of stout pumped out of cask with a beer engine in damp pub. UK beers have a character that is not easily replicated elsewhere, making their beers unique.


Greene King is a brewery I’m familiar with, but not an expert on. The main brewery is located in Bury St Edmunds, in West Suffolk and the company has been brewing beer for over 200 years. The Westgate Brewery features tours, education, and a selection of cask ales.

Festive Pudding Ale pours a deep ruby-red colour with low carbonation and a vanishing white top. The aroma is of cherries and fruit in general. The taste is a full-bodied caramel with hints of fruity sweetness and licorice. The finish


is bitter but in balance.

This beer is aptly named after a festive pudding. In truth, I prefer the flavours in their liquid ale form. Festive Pudding Ale is definitely worth a try. I picked this one up from my local LCBO.

Check out Greene King Brewery here.

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