Fetchez la Vache! by Henderson Brewing Co

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ABV 6.5% IBU 35

Today’s beer profile features a nod to the old world with Henderson Brewing Co’s Fetchez la Vache! Fetchez la Vache is a Belgian Farmhouse Saison and it’s a slight deviation from the typical styles that are brewed regularly there. The one obvious thing that differentiates this beer from the typical Henderson beer is that there isn’t a specific tie-in to Toronto mentioned on the bottle.

I picked up my 650mL bottle from the taproom at the brewery.

Tongue in Cheek

The description on the label is in a bastardized French (or Frenglish, if you will) and it’s pretty tongue in cheek. ‘Fetchez la Vache‘ could be a command given to farm hands in French farms where this style of beer originates. It means, fetch the cow, for those who don’t know. The saison style was originally brewed for the consumption of labourers on a farm.

Get to the Beer!

Fetchez la Vache! is a light copper colour with a golden tinge and a white foamy top. The aroma is of cloves and has a typical saison ‘funk’ to it. The flavour is spot on. It’s earthy, malty, spicy, and funky – all in the right amounts. The finish is dry and slightly bitter.

This beer is really well done. When I picked it out of the fridge at the taproom I thought it was going to be a milk stout with the cows on the label. Maybe if they make a milk stout, they can call it ‘Fetchez le Taureau’. In any event, they should make this beer more often.

There aren’t very many breweries making classic saison’s this well. Maybe the Belgian yeast is too temperamental. Maybe the style isn’t sexy enough. If you are looking for a classic saison, look no further than Fetchez la Vache!

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