Front Porch by Calabogie Brewing Co

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ABV 4.7% IBU 32

We travel East to the Ottawa Valley and Calabogie, ON for this week’s beer profile. Front Porch is labeled a Kolsch-Style Ale on the can and even features a rocking chair in the label artwork.

Calabogie, ON is located approximately 100km West of Ottawa and 150km North of Kingston. The town features Calabogie Peaks Ski Hill and Calabogie Motorsports Park. It seems they appreciate speed in Calabogie.

Now to the beer! The Kolsch style has experienced a surge in popularity since Beau’s Lug Tread hit it big a few years ago. It’s commonly seen as a good ‘gateway to craft beer’ style. The clean and simple styles may seem easy to perfect but they require a lot of skill and restraint to get it right.

Front Porch pours a beautiful golden straw colour with medium carbonation and a white foamy top. The aroma is of a mild biscuit with a toasty note. The flavour is a clean malt forward taste with a bitter finish. I didn’t detect any obvious hop flavours or characteristics.


Overall, Front Porch is a very nice beer! Kolsch beers are known as hybrids between ales and lagers. As such, they have characteristics of both styles. Front Porch has a bit more malt and hop bitterness than a typical lager, but it’s also much lighter and smoother than a pale ale. It’s a tricky balance to achieve but I think they got it right with Front Porch.

If you want to know more about Calabogie Brewing Co, click here.

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