Goldie Boat by People’s Pint

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Today’s beer profile is the first of many (hopefully) from Toronto’s newest Craft Brewery, People’s Pint. On the wall when you first enter is a sign proclaiming “Beer by the People, For the People”. I knew I was in the right place, straight away.

People’s Pint is possibly the most approachable craft brewery in the city. There are always guest taps, collaborations, and one tap reserved for beers brewed by the local homebrew club. The owners of People’s Pint are experienced homebrewers who have made the leap to professional brewing.

Goldie Boat, English Golden Ale

Goldie Boat is a stunning clear golden colour with a reserved white top and low carbonation. The aroma is a mild and floral. The flavour is a good balance of malt, earthy hops and rounded bitterness.

English style ales are my favourite. I love the understated and subtle flavours and aromas as well as malty and earthy tones present. Goldie Boat is a winner in my books and is a solid effort for a tricky style to brew.

Unlike newer styles, you can’t just dry hop the crap out of an English beer if it doesn’t turn out how you like. It may seem more simple from afar, but it doesn’t let you hide any mistakes. There are no mistakes in Goldie Boat, just a tasty pint.

Toronto Brewery Tours Newest Destination

Toronto Brewery Tours is proud to announce that our newest brewery partner for West Toronto Tours is People’s Pint! We are happy to share Toronto’s newest craft brewery with our customers and can’t wait to see what wonderful beers they serve up in the future.

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