Greenwood IPA by Left Field Brewery

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ABV 6.3% IBU 65

Today’s beer profile comes to us from the baseball lovin’, beer swiggin’ experts at Left Field Brewery. Greenwood IPA is a New England IPA (NEIPA). This is a style that has exploded in popularity. It’s known for its ‘juice-like’ texture, intense hop flavour, and hazy appearance. I picked up my 650mL bottle at my local LCBO.

Left Field Brewery is in full swing now that the baseball season has started. Torontonians are lucky that Left Field has a pretty brilliant ‘off season’ as well. Greenwood IPA is not in regular rotation, but it makes a pretty strong case that it should be.

Greenwood IPA is named after the major street and subway station that shares its name and is in close proximity to the brewery.

Haze for Days

Greenwood IPA is a hazy pale yellow colour that closely resembles a mix of orange and grapefruit juice. It’s got a foamy white top and medium carbonation level. The aroma is a tropical mix of pineapple, peach, and orange. The flavour is very juicy with mostly citrus and pineapple coming through with a simple malt flavour to balance it. The mouthfeel is rich, full, and thick like a smoothie. Overall, this is a wonderful beer.

Greenwood IPA is an approachable beer for those not familiar with the NEIPA style. It’s packed full of tropical hop flavour that mimics sweet fruit. The IBUs are high but the actual perceived bitterness. Higher ABV beers require a higher IBU ratio to stay balanced.  The lesson here is to not be bamboozled by the numbers on the side of the can. Try the beer, evaluate, and then decide!

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