Hearts Collide 2017 by Rainhard Brewing Co.

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ABV 11% (!!!) IBU ?

Here we are again for another beer profile from the #Aleyards. Hearts Collide 2017 is a special beer from Rainhard Brewing Co. This particular version is a blend of their 24 month and 9 month bourbon barrel aged stouts. It comes in at 11%. Drink this beer at home and don’t plan on driving after.

I picked up this number at the brewery bottle shop.

Rainhard Brewing Co is brewing up some special beers. Their recent expansion has allowed a similar expansion to their barrel aging program. Sadly, we all have to be patient while their tasty concoctions age but those patient enough to wait are treated to some incredible beer.

Heart Warmer

Hearts Collide 2017 pours a dark, dark brown colour and is noticeably thick while pouring. There was a fleeting, tan coloured head. The carbonation is low-medium. The aroma is a strong spice and vanilla. The flavour a blend of roasted barley, chocolate, and vanilla. The finish has a bit of heat to it and the bourbon comes through. Overall, this beer is flawless.  

The incredible thing about this beer is how silky and smooth the mouthfeel is. I often find that bourbon barrel aging imparts a harshness but there isn’t any of that here. This beer is a big, silky, complex masterpiece.

Full Disclosure

I never receive any ‘profile beer’ for free or discount. I select the beer I profile on here and I don’t usually publish any that slag a beer or brewery. My reviews are honest and although I’m a beer enthusiast, I’m an amateur. When I acclaimed that Hearts Collide 2017 was a big, silky, complex masterpiece I meant it. I’m not pumping up any tires here – this is a must try beer – the best I’ve had in the past year.

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If you’d like to know more about Rainhard Brewing Co, follow the link here.