Beer Profile: Hearts Collide by Rainhard Brewing Co

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Rainhard Brewing - Hearts Collide - Imperial IPAABV 9% IBU 90

She's a dark and mysterious beast. Hearts Collide by Rainhard Brewing Co is dark, complex, and strong. There is two versions of this beer, the other is aged for 9 months in bourbon barrels. Today's version is not.

There is a growing trend in craft beer to brew higher ABV beers and some beers get lost in that trend. I tend to prefer session beers and sometimes shy away from the stronger ales. Hearts Collide is strong, but it's for a good cause and the higher ABV contributes greatly to the texture of the beer.

Hearts Collide is an Imperial Stout, meaning that its a stout with a higher ABV, usually double a typical stout. Often, a brewery wi
ll increase the IBU of an Imperial Stout as well to counter an increased level of unfermented sugars. Adding IBUs doesn't necessarily add to the perceived bitterness but rather helps to balance the taste.

There was barely a hiss as I cracked the bottle open. The beer pours slow and dark like molasses. It's got a low carbonation and a cream coloured foam top. The aroma gives some chocolate and coffee notes.There is a distinct full-bodied texture and the low carbonation give Hearts Collide a silky smooth mouthfeel. The flavour is complex, roasty, and finishes with a controlled bitterness.

Check out the Rainhard Brewing Co website here, or visit the tap room on your next brewery crawl with Backyard Beer Tours! Book a tour here.