Henderson Cup by Henderson Brewing Co.

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ABV 8% IBU 85

Today’s beer profile comes to us from Henderson Brewing Co and their “Ides” series. Henderson Cup is a New England IPA and it’s brewed with in conjunction with the winner of the Henderson Cup. The Henderson Cup is an annual homebrew beer competition hosted by Henderson Brewing Co. I picked this bottle up at the brewery.

The “Ides” series from Henderson releases a new beer every month. The name, style and story behind each beer are unique and focus on the history of Toronto. What better way to learn more about our great city than reading off the side of beer bottle? If there’s a better way, I’m not aware of it and I’m not interested in learning about it.

The Beer!

Henderson Cup is a hazy amber colour with an ample and foamy white top. The aroma is a tropical fruit bomb, most notably, grapefruit. The flavour is very similar to the aroma with grapefruit the dominant flavour but there is a hint of orange to be found. The finish is fairly bitter and balances the high ABV quite well.

The New England IPA style is known for its hazy appearance and fruity taste and aroma. The beer often has a juice-like quality owing to the hopping techniques used and silky and heavy mouthfeel. A high percentage of flaked oats mixed in with the grains imparts both the hazy appearance and the silky smooth mouthfeel.

Don’t Wait, Visit Already!

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