Hey Porter by Junction Craft Brewing

Beer Profile: Hey, Porter! by Junction Craft Brewery

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ABV 6.2% IBU 40

Hey, Porter! isn’t just a cleverly named dark and roasty beer from Junction Craft Brewery. There are a few different tips of the proverbial cap at play here. Junction Craft Brewery uses a train theme and pays tribute to the historically dominant industry of the Junction and Stockyards area.

Hey, Porter! is a wonderful beer but more about that later. Hey Porter is a song by the legend, Johnny Cash. It’s off the 1958 album, All aboard the Blue Train. I can only assume there is some metaphor at play here between the darkness, richness, and understated brilliance of both the legend and the beer. Maybe I’m a bit over my head here.

Hey, Porter! (the beer) is a classic porter, the style coined after the transport specialist in London, England that made the style popular. The appearance is a dark black with a red hue in the light. The carbonation is fair and the top thick and creamy. On the nose is a subtle hint of coffee. Hey, Porter! is full-bodied, smooth, and rich. The prominent flavours are roast with hints of coffee and some chocolate as the beer warmed up. The finish is bitter but balances out the beer nicely.

If you are looking for some British style ales on this side of the pond, look no further than Junction Craft Brewery. There aren’t many breweries crafting British styles with such care around. The regular lineup at Junction Craft Brewery features some classic British styles, but the bottle shop and taproom usually has some small batch gems that I snap up each time I’m there.

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