Lemonade Stand by Indie Ale House

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Today’s beer profile comes to us from a staple stop in the Junction area of Toronto, Indie Ale House. Lemonade Stand is a Lemon & Lactose Sour and it’s here in honour of patio season. I picked up my bottle at the bottle shop.

Indie Ale House has been a favourite stop of mine for the past 4 years. Not only are they serving up really tasty craft beer, but they also make the best fried chicken in the city (as declared by me). The menu features artisan cheeses and meats and all sorts of tasty bites, big and small.

Lemonade, please!

Lemonade Stand is a hazy and beautiful golden colour with a faint, white top. The aroma doesn’t give much away at all. The flavour is a delightful lemon tartness with a mild malt backbone. The finish is crisp and dry. This is the best sour beer I’ve ever had.

I admit that I don’t drink an awful lot of sours. It’s not a style that I crave or am particularly fond of. Lemonade Stand was rather expertly conceived and executed. The lemon tartness makes complete sense in this beer unlike other sours which are sour without the flavour to back it up.

It’s not a ‘lemonade beer’ and I should make that quite clear. It’s a beer firstly and obviously. Radlers and Shandy’s have their place, but Lemonade Stand could start a new category it’s so good.

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