Live Transmission by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

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ABV 6.3% IBU 60

Today’s beer profile comes to us from North of the city, Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, ON. Live Transmission is a milkshake IPA. I picked mine up at my local LCBO.

Flying Monkeys is a colourful brewery. They are known for their ‘tie-die’ and graffiti graphics on their cans and bottles. The brewery slogan is “Normal is Weird”. The brewery website has a campaign on it titled “Say Hell No to Bad Beer” and suggests you say “no” to mass-produced adjunct beer. I can’t agree more. One thing I’ve learned about craft breweries is that they often share a camaraderie with other craft breweries rather than seeing them as rival businesses.

Get to the Beer!

Live Transmission is a hazy golden colour with a white foamy top. The aroma is a big hit of citrus, notably orange and grapefruit. The taste is primarily of citrus fruit (I seem to always taste grapefruit). The texture of this beer is silky, creamy and rich. There is a sweetness and tartness present in the finish that was a bit unexpected. I stopped noticing the more I drank.

The style ‘milkshake IPA’ describes IPAs that have been brewed using lactose as part of the ferment-able sugars. Using lactose imparts a hint of sweetness and a rich texture that are more common in darker beers. Live Transmission is a really tasty beer that’s certainly worth a go for the adventurous craft beer lover. We all know someone who devours all the IPAs they can get their hands on and Live Transition would be a great gift for that person in your life.

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