Master Status by Rorschach Brewing Co

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ABV 5.8% IBU?

Today’s foray into a beer profile features another mind f**k from Rorschach Brewing Co. The people who name the beers at Rorschach are either psychologist, or have them. Master Status is a double dry hopped IPA.

Get Your Thinking Cap On

The meaning of Master Status is the defining characteristic of an individual. The classic example used to exemplify this is people identify as parents. The theory is that an individual’s master status dominates every facet of their daily living.

My take from this is that Master Status is the beer that best defines Rorschach Brewing Co, though I am not a trained psychologist myself. Rorschach beer is wonderful for its ability to consider what the name of your chosen beer says about you. Is my master status that I love beer?

The Beer!

Master Status is a pale straw colour with a fading white top. It’s hazy as the day is long, I think they use oats as a part of the grain bill and that would make the beer really hazy. The aroma is like a citrus punch in the face. I get grapefruit and peach as the dominant aromas. In the taste, I get a bit of papaya, grapefruit, and pine. The mouthfeel is medium and silky and the finish is a rounded bitterness.

Master Status is a real winner. There is a ton of flavour packed into this beer. Double dry hopping really pumps up the aroma and flavour of the hops and it’s really worked well here.

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