Motueka, Mo’Problems by Shacklands Brewery

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ABV 6.5% IBU?

Motueka Mo’Problems isn’t just a clever pun, it’s a delicious Belgian pale ale brewed by Shacklands Brewery. This may be a collaboration beer brewed with Rainhard Brewing Co because their label is on the bottle as well. In any case, its tasty and the subject of today’s beer profile.

Motueka Mo’Problems is a Belgian Pale Ale featuring Motueka hops (a little obvious). The hops are from New Zealand and are known for their citrus type flavours and aromas, notably lime and lemon. Shacklands Brewery is known for crafting some killer Belgian beers so I was excited to get into this beer.

The appearance is gold with a bit of an orange tinge. It’s clear and has a think and frothy white top. The aroma doesn’t reveal too much. The taste is hop forward with a citrus acidity to it and a bitter finish. It has a some ‘wine like’ characteristics with the acidity. There is a farmhouse note to the finish as well, the Belgian yeast shining through. No banana or bubble gum flavours here.

Shacklands Brewing Co.I think this beer is superb and polarizing. I passed it around the table for others to try. People either loved it or didn’t. Motueka Mo’Problems is funny in that the things I loved about it are what others didn’t like. In any case, it is indicative of the creativity and care that Shacklands Brewery is putting into brewing amazing beer.

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