Beer Profile: Neon Wasteland by Rainhard Brewing Co

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Beer Profile: Neon Wasteland by Rainhard Brewing Co

Rainhard Brewing - Neon Wasteland - Belgian Pale Ale

ABV 5.1% IBU 45

In this week’s Beer Profile, we take a closer look at Rainhard’s Belgian Pale Ale, Neon Wasteland. If you tasted Neon Wasteland in 2016 then you may want to re-visit  it as both the hops and yeast have changed. This year, Hallertau hops replace Saaz and a Monestary Ale yeast replaces a classic belgian yeast.

For those unfamiliar with Belgian Ales, the style is complex and varied to say the least. Belgian brewing styles and traditions can be difficult to execute so far from source. Neon Wasteland hits the mark.

The appearance is a dark orange/amber with low carbonation and conservative head. The aroma gives some hints of banana. The flavour is a mild malt sweetness with notes of clove and banana. The finish is dry. Neon Wasteland is true to the style.

I would say that Neon Wasteland is a good intro into Belgian style ales. There are definitely some of the characteristics you expect but they aren’t overpowering. I didn’t perceive any bubblegum type flavours. The banana and clove notes were restrained and balanced.

Check out the Rainhard Brewing Co site here, or visit the taproom and bottle shop on your next Backyard Beer Tours brewery Crawl!