Normopathy by Rorschach Brewing Co.

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ABV 4.9% IBU?

This beer profile is straight from the depths of psychology texts, but try not to read too much into this weeks beer from Rorschach Brewing Co. Normopathy is a pilsner that is true to style and actually quite clever.

A quick googling shed some light on the term normopathy for me. It’s the pursuit of conformity and societal acceptance. Pilsner is the most widely consumed beer style in the world. Is Rorschach conforming to the “beer norms” or are they goofing us with this mind trickery?

The other beers I’ve tried from Rorschach haven’t been conformist ales, and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Normopathy. Aside from a clever name, Normopathy delivers an interesting twist on the classic pilsner.

Normopathy pours a light golden colour and it’s clear as a bell. The carbonation is medium and its got a foamy white top. The aroma is of cereal grains, the smell you get from fresh milled grains. The taste is more malt forward than most pilsners. There is a distinct oat or biscuit flavour. The finish is a lingering and slightly sharp bitterness.

Normopathy is not your grandfather’s pilsner. It’s different, but maybe thats the point. The differences are subtle but important. Rorschach makes a classic style their own, and I really respect and admire that. You should try this beer, whether you are a psychology major, craft beer lover, or both.

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