Nosbeeratu by Rainhard Brewing Co.

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ABV 6% IBU 66

This post should likely have gone live in October if I paid strict attention to the seasons, however, this beer is too good to wait on the good news until next October. Nosbeeratu is a black IPA by Rainhard Brewing Co and it should scare the devil out of dull and flavourless beers from the Macro Breweries.

The namesake of this brilliant brew is Nosferatu, more commonly known as Dracula. This scary figure from Transylvania stalks his victims at night and feasts on their blood. He lurks in the shadows and is felled by a stake through the heart and garlic.

Limited Inspiration

Nosbeeratu is a clever name but I’m not sure it has much in common with the character that inspires it. Firstly, this beer shouldn’t lurk in the shadows because it’s spectacular. Secondly, there was definitely no hints of garlic. Lastly, the only people who should be scared of this beer are the producers of flavourless yellow fizzy stuff, aka macro breweries.

Nosbeeratu pours a dark brown colour with a creamy beige top and to the naked eye appears like a standard stout. The aroma is of citrus fruit and there was a distinct freshness to it. The taste was of a well crafted West Coast IPA with just a touch or toasted malt. There wasn’t any prominent roast or chocolate flavours. The finish was dry and bitter.

I am a beer purist at heart but I’m glad I made room for this Black IPA. Nosbeeratu was simply delightful and I wish I had more in my fridge – though it wouldn’t be there for long.

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