Over My Dad Body by Great Lakes Brewery

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ABV 5% IBU 25

Today’s beer profile comes to us from the proud and humble Toronto neighbourhood of Mimico and Great Lakes Brewery and it’s inspired by Father’s Day. Over My Dad Body is a pilsner and it’s a tribute to all the rad dad’s and bad jokes out there that keep us smiling and safe. Dad-bod is now cooler than Dad jokes.

The character (Morty Jenkinson) on the can is a rotund man in a kiddie pool holding a hot dog and, most noteworthy, a pint. Although this may not describe your father (it certainly doesn’t describe mine), there are some subtle hints about the greatness of fathers on the can that are worthy of a mention. Fun, duty, and sacrifice are the themes identified on the can that I identify as traits in both my Dad and Morty Jenkinson.

The Beer

Over My Dad Body is a beautiful clear golden colour with a prominent white cap. The aroma doesn’t give much away at all. The flavour is a mild malt sweetness with a distinct ‘pilsner malt’ flavour. The hops serve to add bitterness but not much in flavour. The finish is crisp and refreshing. This is a classic pilsner – rather like the ones your Dad used to drink as a youth.

I’m no lager drinker but I will partake in the odd pilsners. Not “odd pilsners” exclusively, just occationally. This is a really solid and true pilsner.

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