Pale Ale by Maclean’s Ales

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ABV 5.2% IBU 35

This edition of the beer profile comes to us from Grey County and Hanover, ON more specifically. Maclean’s Pale Ale is an English Pale Ale, and a good one at that. English style ales are by far my favourite. They are often tricky to brew without a bunch of water adjustments that most breweries don’t bother with. I’m excited to try this pale ale.

Hanover is the type of place you may pass through on your way to Tobermory. Don’t just drive through, stop in at Maclean’s Ales for a tasty pint and visit to the bottle shop. There are about 7 500 people living in Hanover and they have one craft brewery. For Toronto to match that ratio, we would need to have about 400 craft breweries in the city. Let’s do it!

Get to the Beer, Already

Maclean’s Pale Ale is a beautiful copper colour with a white foamy top. The carbonation level is low, as befits the style. The aroma is malty with a small amount of caramel coming through. The flavour is malt forward with obvious noble hops. The hop flavours coming through are earthy and a bit floral. The finish is a strong bitterness but not overpowering. Overall, this is one fine beer.

The pale ale as a style is underrated and there are many breweries that forgo the style altogether. There is something wholesome and honest about crafting a relatively simple style well. The brewery can’t disguise any mistakes by just dry-hopping the crap out of it or aging it in elderflower cordial barrels. Maclean’s Ales have done a great job with this pale ale. I picked mine up at the local LCBO and it won’t be my last.

If you want to know more about Maclean’s Ales, please click here.

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