Raspberry Wit Saison by Shacklands Brewing Co.

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ABV 4.9% IBU ?

Our latest beer profile comes to us from the #Aleyards with a Raspberry Wit Saison from Shacklands Brewing Co. Shacklands opened their doors in January 2017 and has an impressive lineup of tasty beers for us to enjoy. Shacklands brews mostly Belgian styles and spinoffs.

Today’s entry is aptly named Raspberry Wit Saison. It’s a really interesting hybrid that could send hipster beer nerds into quite a tizzy. Is it more of a raspberry wit? More like a saison? The hard truth is that its refreshing and delicious so that’s all that matters.

The colour is a deep amber with a reddish hue. Carbonation is on the lower side. The aroma is a mild raspberry with an earthy funk you might expect from a saison. The taste is of raspberries with a slight citrus tartness. There is a classic dry “saison type” finish.

I suggest you pick up 2 of these beers because I raced through the one I had while evaluating it. I suggest picking up a 2nd for pure enjoyment. I would also label this beer as something good for people new to the craft beer scene. It’s interesting and flavourful without being on the fringe. It’s really worth a go.

Check out what Shacklands is up to here.

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