Reverse Psychology IPA by Rorschach Brewing Co

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ABV 5.5% IBU?

This week’s beer profile comes to us from Ashbridges Bay Park (actually a stones throw away from there), Rorschach Brewing Co’s Reverse Psychology IPA. Rorschach is newer to the Toronto Craft Beer scene and is really helping to push hop forward beers into the spotlight.

Rorschach Brewing Co takes its name from the famed ink blot tests of the same name. The famed Rorschach tests are subjective and intended to shed light on the subject’s insights and feelings. There is no right or wrong answer, similar to the sensory experience of tasting.

Reverse Psychology IPA pours a hazy pale straw colour with medium carbonation and a white foamy top. The aroma is a really strong citrus, notably grapefruit. The taste is a reserved malt profile and strong juicy profile, notably grapefruit. The finish is a balanced but lingering bitterness.

I think Reverse Psychology IPA is styled after a New England IPA with its hazy appearance and juicy characteristic. The bitterness is present but isn’t so high as to exclude all but the hop heads. This hop forward beer is for all to enjoy!

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