Riflemans’s Ration by Black Creek Historic Brewery

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This weeks beer profile comes to us from Toronto’s unique Black Creek Historic Brewery in Rifleman’s Ration, a brown ale. The brewery is part of Black Creek Pioneer Village which is set up like any village in 1860s Ontario would have been, even the brewery!

In addition to the brewery, which uses methods and equipment true to the time period, you can have archery lessons, axe throwing, baking, and a whole load more seasonal activities to take part in. The brewery is clearly my favourite part and I may have sampled a few of their offerings on evenings passed.

Rifleman’s Ration is a deep amber colour with low carbonation and almost no foamy head. The aroma has subtle hints of bread and caramel. The flavour is caramel, biscuit, and a mild chocolate. The finish is a rounded malt and bitter pair.

This is a straight up brown ale. It wasn’t aged for 6 months on hibiscus blossoms in a merlot barrel. It is a well executed brown ale with lots of flavour that doesn’t have any bells and whistles. Having a well crafted simple beer helps to reset the palate. We are spoiled by a glut of specially crafted beer in Toronto by some amazing breweries but having a simple beer from a classic style is still my favourite.

You can pick up Rifleman’s Ration at the LCBO.

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