Beer Profile: Farmhouse Pale Ale by Shacklands Brewing Co

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ABV 5.1% IBU 25

This is the first beer profile from Shacklands Brewing Co and it has been worth the wait. Today, we profile the Farmhouse Pale Ale.

Style Crossover?

What are the characteristics of a farmhouse pale ale? Farmhouse ales trace their roots back to rural parts of Northern France and Belgium. They were brewed on farms and in rural areas to sustain the workers. Farmhouse ales would typically be brewed in the winter with ingredients on hand and consumed in the summer and during harvest months. They are typically golden in colour and brewed with top fermenting ale yeast.

I suspect this farmhouse pale ale is a bit of a style crossover between a traditional farmhouse ale and a pale ale. Maybe the brewery used a pale ale grain bill, but Belgian farmhouse ale yeast?

Farmhouse pale ale is a hazy golden orange with ample white and foamy top. The aroma is both floral and citrus like. The taste is of a light malt with a rounded dry bitter finish. I get a bit of lemon as well. There is a brightness about this beer. It seems really well balanced and crafted with thought and care. This beer shows why small batch craft beer has no equal.

Check out Shacklands Brewing Co here! Maybe you’ll be able to visit them on a Backyard Beer Tours brewery crawl soon.