Shevchenko 9 by Four Fathers Brewing Co

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ABV 5% IBU 23

This week’s beer profile comes to us from Rockford, ON and Four Father’s Brewing Co. Shevchenko 9 is styled a “Euro Dark Lager” and also a “Ukranian Dunkel” on the can. It doesn’t really matter what you call it but you should definitely try it.

Four Father’s Brewing Co is made up of 4 hockey dads and sons who came together to start a craft brewery in a small town. The beers they brew are known for their rich and complex character.

I’m not sure who they are referencing with “Shevchenko 9” but it could be Andriy Shevchenko, a Ukrainian football striker. I don’t know much about him or football but he must be either really good or really bad to have a beer named after him.

Now, to the beer.

Shevchenko 9 is dark brown in colour but still allows you to see the carbonation bubbles rise along the edges of the glass. It’s got a nice white top and high carbonation level. I couldn’t detect much aroma. The flavour is malt forward with hints of nuts, bread, and roasted barley. There is a light mouth feel and a crisp bitter finish.

This is a very pleasant beer. Shevchenko 9 may be a lager, but don’t mistake it for a macro beer. It’s flavourful, well balanced, and interesting. A very well executed dunkel by any standards and one that shouldn’t be missed.

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