Sour Harvest Saison by Collective Arts

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ABV 5% IBU 8

This week’s beer profile comes to us from Hamilton’s own Collective Arts Brewing. Collective Arts always has interesting and experimental beers for release each season. Autumn 2017 is no different and today we have “Sour Harvest Saison” to try.

Collective Arts isn’t just a craft brewery. It’s a place where artists, musicians, and filmmakers collide in one space and forum to collaborate, create, and display their art for us to enjoy. Each beer can label features stunning artwork, usually by local artists.

Arts + Brewing


This collaborative model really is innovative and benefits everyone. The craft beer enthusiast gets a little bit of culture with their beer. The art crowd gets wonderfully tasty craft beer. What a trade-off!

Sour Harvest Saison is a hazy pale straw colour. It’s highly carbonated and has a frothy white top. The aroma is a bit ‘farm like’, as you would expect from a saison. The flavour is lemon sour with a bit of pumpkin sweetness and clove. The finish is sour as well. There’s no detectable hop flavours or aromas.

This is a very interesting beer. At first, the sourness seemed to be the dominant flavour. Each subsequent sip revealed another layer of complexity that wasn’t apparent at first. The last sip was better than the first for me, an unusual finding.

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