Stranger Than Fiction by Collective Arts Brewing Co

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ABV 5.5 IBU 25

We are a long way from summertime patio beers. I need a winter warmer! This week’s beer profile is Stranger Than Fiction Porter, by Collective Arts Brewing Co.

Porter Americano

Stranger Than Fiction is an American Porter. This is most likely due to American hops and yeast being used instead of the traditional British ones. In general, American style beers are a bit bigger, bolder and in your face than their British counterparts (the same could be said with respect to the citizens!). This porter is a bit ‘extra’ when compared to the classic British com-parables.

Stranger Than Fiction is a deep and opaque brown colour with a creamy top. The carbonation level is low. The aroma is a mild roasty and biscuit smell. The flavour is mostly roasty with hints of chocolate and molasses. It’s a full-bodied beer with a rounded and slightly sweet finish.

Winter Beater

Usually a winter beater is a car but in this case it’s a well crafted American Porter. Stranger Than Fiction definitely warmed me up on a cold evening. I see more of these in my fridge in the near future, though probably not for long.

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