Summertime Stout!

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Stouts in the Summer!

Here in Toronto, the summer is hot and humid. Most craft beer drinkers reach for something crisp and refreshing but here is why you should keep drinking Stouts and Porters in the summer.

Food Pairings

Left Field - Bricks & Mortar - Coffee Porter
Coffee Porter by Left Field Brewery

It’s not summer if you can’t smell the barbecue. The characteristics of stouts pair better with barbecued foods than pilsners, lagers, and pale ales. The roasty notes in the beer compliment charred meats and rendered fats. Stouts also make great additions to marinades for meat prior to cooking.

Summer Body

Stouts are generally lower in ABV and as such have fewer calories than the IIPA you were considering. Keep both your trainer and local craft brewery happy by drinking a stout from a Toronto Craft Brewery!

Cheers to your Health!

A quick googling shows that a study from the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture indicates that Stout beers have significantly more Iron than pale and non-alcoholic beers. This is especially important for women who suffer from low iron at higher rates.

The F***ing Heat

It can be a challenge to keep your beer cold on a 35 degree C day. The options are usually to drink fast or use a very cool “beer cozy”. Why not embrace the heat? As stouts increase in temperature, the complex flavour profile actually changes slightly. The stout you are drinking is a different beer by the time you get to the dregs, so long as you savour it.

Blonde Milk Stout by Beau’s

There is no shortage of great dark beers being crafted in the city. The first two that come to mind are Bricks and Mortar Coffee Porter by Left Field Brewery and Sweetback’s Milk Stout by Rainhard Brewing Co. Bricks and Mortar has featured in our weekly beer profile. Check it out here.


Beau’s has released a special version of their Tom Green Milk Stout. It’s a blonde milk stout and it’s really interesting. It looks like a lager but has complex roasty coffee and caramel notes. It’s really worth a try if you can find it.