Sweet Pete’s Radler by Henderson Brewing Co

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ABV 3.8% IBU?

This week’s entry in the beer profile is from one of our original brewery partners, Henderson Brewing Co. Sweet Pete’s Radler is a refreshing and interesting take on the summertime BBQ staple beer.

Sweet Pete’s Radler is the “Ides of June” special beer from Henderson Brewing Co and, as usual, there’s a story behind it. The story here is of an avid cyclist moving to Toronto and getting to know the city through its numerous bike trails, namely Sunnybrook Park and the trails along the Don Valley.

Now to the beer! Sweet Pete’s Radler is a passionfruit radler which sets it apart from the standard grapefruit style. The appearance is a hazy orange/yellow hybrid with medium carbonation and a quickly vanishing white foamy top. The aroma is fruity but doesn’t give too much away. The flavour is mostly passionfruit and its characteristic tartness. There isn’t any sweetness like in most radlers. The mouthfeel is light reflecting the 3.8% ABV.

This isn’t your typical radler. The absence of sweetness is a welcome and interesting take on the radler and could definitely find a place with craft beer drinkers who avoid the over sweet radlers and shandies. Sweet Pete’s is refreshing and really showcases passionfruit.

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