Beer Profile: Tracklayer’s Kolsch by Junction Craft Brewery

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Junction Craft Brewing - Tracklayer's Kolsh

ABV 5% IBU 48

Junction Craft Brewery have hit the nail on the head with their Tracklayer’s Kolsch. A tracklayer would have a really physically tough job working long hours out in the sun. There may be no better way to celebrate a hard day’s work than enjoying a Tracklayer’s Kolsch.

The kolsch style originated in Cologne, Germany and is regulated by the Kolsch Convention of 1986. In Europe, only select breweries from that region can brew a beer and call it a Kolsch. The style is characterized by using ale yeasts and fermenting at lager temperatures.

The appearance is a pale straw with high carbonation and frothy white top. It’s clear as a bell. The aroma is mild and clean. The mouthfeel is light and the finish is dry and bitter. There’s not much hop characteristic coming through in the flavour which makes it really crisp and clean.

Some would call this type of beer a ‘lawnmower’ beer and I can see why. If you’ve been outside sweating up a storm then I think you’ve earned yourself some crisp and clean refreshing craft beer, specifically a Tracklayer’s Kolsch from Junction Craft Brewery.

Junction Craft Brewery’s tap room is always full of different and exciting beers. Check out their website here or better yet, visit them on your next tour with Backyard Beer Tours!