Uncommon Element by Nickel Brook Brewing Co

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ABV 5.2% IBU 38

Today’s beer profile is a bit of a strange one, coming to us from Burlington, ON. Uncommon Element is a Pale Ale fermented with 100% Brett yeast making it a Brett Pale Ale. Nickel Brook Brewing Co has a number of signature, core and specialty series with Uncommon Element coming from their aptly named Funk Lab.

Nickel Brook has been brewing up craft beer in Burlington since 2005. The popularity of their core beers has allowed them to develop the aforementioned Funk Lab – a small batch yeast experimentation brewery – as well as a barreling series. The 905 area code is strongly represented in the craft beer scene with Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Uncommon Element is a hazy straw colour with a foamy white top. The carbonation is low but there was a mild ‘hiss’ as I popped the cap. The aroma is a light pineapple/tropical fruit scent. The flavour is thin at first and gives way to a funky bitterness with a lingering funk.

Funk is in the House

Usually, I like a little a little funk in my life. Uncommon Element had the perfect amount of funk in it – at times. At other times – the funk was a bit overwhelming and, well, too funky. I think this beer is bottle conditioned so it may be that the sips I found too funky had yeast sediment in them. The beer was too hazy for me to tell if I poured a bunch of sediment into my glass.

Trying new things and experimenting with new ingredients and processes are what drive innovation in craft beer and the sum of that experimentation is an improvement in the end product for craft beer lovers. You may not love each and every beer from a craft brewery, but that’s not the point. The point is that by brewing in small batches, craft breweries can experiment and market their beer to the people most passionate about the scene.

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