Beer Profile: Wild Brett by Rainhard Brewing Co.

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ABV 6% IBU ?

This week’s beer profile comes to us from the #Aleyards, again. Wild Brett by Rainhard Brewing Co comes from the 2017 Barrel Series. This beer is a Brett Saison fermented with 4 strains of Brett yeast and aged in wine barrels for 4 months.

Rainhard Brewing Co. recently announced a big expansion of the brewery, essentially doubling the output of delicious beer. In addition to increasing output, they announced an expansion of their barrel aging program. The barrel aging program at Rainhard is unique to the Toronto Craft Beer scene and is most welcome.

Wild Brett pours crystal clear and has a nice golden hue. The carbonation is low and the white top quickly faded. The aroma has a “cider type funk” to it that you would expect in a Brett Saison. The flavour is very wine-like with its acidity, tartness, and near-sweet tones. The mouthfeel is light and the finish dry, tart, and lingering.

Wild Brett is very different from your average Saison. Wild Brett has a complexity and depth of flavour simply not present in most beers. For adventurous craft beer lovers, Wild Brett is a must try.

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